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Commercial Buildings

Design A Com transportable units are built using high quality insulated panels (Polyfoam EPS) which are both lightweight and strong. Our units are finished to an impeccable standard, which along with any fixtures or fittings that are included.

Below are some of the key features and specifications of units, which can be either finished as an empty shell, for you to finish, or completed as a unit that can be occupied more or less upon delivery subject to connection of various council/authority requirements like water, power and plumbing.

These buildings are built in accordance to your requirements which enables you to add, remove and make any changes that best reflect your business or purpose.

 All the electrical work is fitted and complete, ready for onsite connection and come with an electrical certificate. Design A Com units include interior and exterior LED lighting and multiple power points throughout.

Plumbing and Heating
 If you choose to have plumbing installed then it will be set up ready to enable your onsite connections. Plumbers certification is included.

Transport is customers responsibility but we can arrange, and include it as an extra in your quote, if required.
Unit Sizes we have built
12m x 4m
12m x 3m
10m x 3m
9m x 3.6m
9m x 3m
7.2m x 3m
6m x 3m
Customers own design


  • Standard carpet and underlay
  • Standard Vinyl in wet areas
  • Standard or Up-graded kitchen
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Vanity basin
  • Extractor fan in bathroom
  • Heat Pump
  • Califont
Uses for these types of buildings:
Smoko Rooms
Rental Units
Ablution Block

    • Galvanised steel base
    • Under floor insulation (60mm poly)
    • 75mm insulated EPS panel for the exteriors walls
    • 50mm insulated EPS panel for the interior walls
    • 75mm insulated EPS panel for ceilings under 4m wide
    • 100mm insulated EPS panel for ceiling (if 4 m or over in width)
    • Colour steel flashings
    • Double glazed tinted joinery (Black frame)
    • Cavity sliders on internal walls if required
    • Power and data points
    • Carpet/vinyl
    • All wiring and plumbing work comes with electric/plumbing Certificate
    • Lighting internal and external
                            9m x 3.6m Office and Smoko Room
                            Staff room
                            Separate shower room - outside access
                            9m x 3.6m Office and Smoko Room at night
                            Night version of the previous slide
                            Portable 6m x 3m with separate toilet
                            Portable Office/Smoko room
                            Separate toilet accessible from outside
                            Portable 6m x 3m Studio
                            6m x 3m studio
                            Could also be used as a shop
                            Portable 6m x 3m Studio with shelving
                            6m x 3m studio with shelving
                            Office with Staffroom
                            Two 12m x 3m units joined together
                            to make a 12m x 6m Office and Staffroom
                            Interior 12m x 3m
                            12m x 3m portable unit Office & Staffroom
                            Office area
                            Interior 12m x 3m - Staffroom
                            12m x 3m portable unit Office & Staffroom
                            Staffroom area
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