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Design A Com - 9m x 3m unit

Ben Etheridge (Nelson)  - recommends Design A Com NZ.
Awesome building, great communication and easy, highly recommended
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Chris: 022 635 6345
Gary: 027 209 6255
Construction Details
  • Standard carpet and underlay
  • Standard Vinyl in wet areas
  • Up-graded kitchen
  • 1 Toilet
  • 1 Shower
  • 1 Vanity basin
  • 1 Extractor fan in bathroom
  • 1 Fujitsu Heat Pump
  • 1 26lt. Rheem Califont
  • Galvanised steel base
  • Under floor insulation (60mm poly)
  • 75mm insulated EPS panel for the exteriors walls (colour - Sandstone Grey)
  • 50mm insulated EPS panel for the interior walls and (colour – Titania)
  • 125mm insulated EPS panel for ceiling (colour – Titania)
  • Colour steel flashings (Black)
  • 4 Double glazed tinted windows - 1550mm x 950mm (Black frame)
  • 1 Double glazed tinted bathroom window - 600mm x 850mm (Black frame)
  • 2 French doors - Double glazed tinted - 1.8m x 2.1m (Black frame)
  • 3 Cavity sliders

This unit is also available to built as a "Basline Unit"

What is Basleine?
Are buildings constructed of new materials except for the joinery, and extras - doors, windows etc. which are second hand but in very good condition.
These are suitable if those looking for a useful unit but at a lower price and are happy to have some recycled parts.

This building is suitable for use as:

Accommodation, extra rooms, offices, business building, camping ground building, bach
- plus many other options


9m x 3m Gallery
9m x 3m coloured.jpg
9m x 3m self contained Baseline unit- bifold doors closed.jpg
9m x 3m coloured from living room tobedroom and shower.jpg
9m x 3m coloured living room.jpg
9m x 3m coloured kitchen unit.jpg
9m x 3m coloured kitchen unit2.jpg
9m x 3m coloured shower unit2.jpg
9m x 3m coloured toilet.jpg
9m x 3m coloured front corner-califont.jpg
9m x 3m coloured back corner.jpg
9m x 3m Design A Com Portable unit
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Chris: 022 635 6345
Gary: 027 209 6255

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